Signs of Spring

So I was going to do an elegant post with nothing but pictures, letting you, my reader, interpret the photo and meaning as you like... But darn it, I just like to talk so much, I couldn't do it. Besides, one of these pictures deserves an explanation. So since I've ruined my wordless post, I might as well go all out, right?

At  school the students and I have been discussing the idea of nature detectives. What does a nature detective look for? What could you find? If you were a nature detective trying to find out if spring has come, what are some clues you would look for?

Well, around our house, we have quite a few good leads. First of all, our cherry tree is busting out all over. And our other blooms are even more vivid and colorful. But most exciting of all, a robin has decided to build a nest inside the wreath on our front door! We discovered it the other day when we opened the door and startled poor mama bird into flying away. A quick peak revealed four delicate blue eggs, and I'm hoping we can follow their journey as they hatch and learn to fly. Although it might mean barring the front door from future use for a while, it's totally worth it (not to mention the right thing to do).

My sweet girl is loving the warm weather. I see lots of dresses and short sleeves in our future!

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  1. Such pretty pictures, but the most beautiful was Violet's. Am I a bit prejudiced ??? What a cute dress, and a very beautiful baby with a winning smile. Can't wait to see her again soon!!!


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