Have you ever heard of Serenbe? Maybe not. Probably not, in fact. So allow me to introduce you. Serenbe is this amazing little community just south of Atlanta, quite near where I grew up, actually. It holds homes, an Inn, some amazing restaurants, galleries, shops and studios. And all of it is built under a model of balanced development and sustainability. Eco-friendly. Reclaimed goods. Organic. All those hippy words. But stop rolling your eyes, it is actually an amazing place.

The Inn at Serenbe

I went to one of the restaurants, The Hil, for a birthday dinner a few years ago. The menu changes as the seasons change because most of the ingredients are harvested from the farm that surrounds the community. It was delicious. In fact, to quote myself... [my birthday scoop of] ice cream must have been made from the sweetest cream from the richest milk from the happiest cow, who was probably hanging out behind the restaurant contentedly star-gazing as we sat inside. So good. I'm already scheming of ways to get Matt to take me back there (and it's conveniently located to the Grandma's Free Babysitting Service of Peachtree City!)

Well, the scheming has succeeded, because we are taking advantage of Spring Break by sneaking off to Serenbe for a night! I am so excited! I'm really looking forward to exploring the community, indulging in some delicious food, and taking some time to focus on being something other than a mother. Don't get me wrong, it's the best job in the world. But Matt and I need some time to focus on ourselves as a couple, and I'm so ready!

all photos property of Serenbe

Photos and first hand accounts will be provided once we return, but for now, I encourage you to take some time and explore Serenbe for yourself. It's okay, I know you're jealous.

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  1. So excited for both of you that you can get away for just a little break from parenthood. Enjoy!!!!! I know I will :)


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