In My Easter Bonnet

Well, someone likes her Easter hat!

Such a ham. Easter ham!

Yet another egg hunt.

Hands are full. Guess the egg hunt is over!

Happy family, Easter Sunday.
After going to church Saturday night (mixed feelings on celebrating Easter one day early) we hosted our families for lunch and an egg hunt. Everyone brought something delicious and the grandmas promptly took over the kitchen, much to my delight. We feasted and feasted some more, then took Violet out in her Easter bonnet (aka Dollar Tree hat) for an egg hunt with the neighbors.

Violet hunting eggs is hilarious. She picks one up, good. Then finds another, excellent. But now her hands are full. And she refuses to let go of the first eggs in order to collect any others. When she spots another, she just gets confused. The grandmas did a good job of getting her to throw the eggs in a basket, and then I would promptly take them out and hide them all over again for her. Never ending fun!

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