Last Soccer Game

Violet played her last soccer game of the season today. I had my doubts about the season this year. For one thing, it felt like every other game or practice was rained out! So to make up for it, Thursday practices turned into games, which ended up being a good thing, at least for our girl. She seemed to have much more energy and motivation on Thursdays (perhaps it was the drive-thru McD's we always had on the way to the fields).

Regardless, Violet has shown such improvement this season, and really seemed to enjoy herself, that I think we'll be signing up for soccer again next year... on big fields... playing positions... keeping score... We'll see how it goes! As long as there are cupcakes and a trophy at the end, I think she'll be happy to give it a shot.

Be there first!

Soccer + hairbow = winning.

Can't catch me!

Going for the goal!

Blue Thunder teammates! We play soccer in style!

Pre-K Awards!

Best Sportsmanship Award!

I know everyone says it, but it's true. Where has the time gone? My baby is growing up! I can't believe the year is almost over and Violet is heading into Kindergarten!  The days are long but the years truly are short.

Violet's awesome teachers Ms. Keshia and Ms. Courtney.

Violet and Emma, friend foreva!

Love these sweet girls.

Friends since birth.

School Pictures

I had my fingers crossed that the girls would get a cute sibling photo from the school pictures this spring. Last year's pictures turned out great and are still framed on the wall, but it is time for an update. Before I dropped them off, I snapped a few in Annie's classroom, then I put it in the photographer's trusty hands. This is what I got.

I'm gonna punch you in the face if you tell me to smile one more time.
I've never laughed so hard in my life. There's Violet, with her perfect smile, cheesing it up for the camera, trying so hard to love on her little sister. And then there's Annie, about to punch the photographer in the face. Not quite the image I need framed on my wall, but definitely the picture I want to remember forever!

Paint and Partake

Have you ever been to one of those "drink and paint" places? I've always wanted to go. I secretly want to be artistic, but clearly lack any real talent, so the closest I'll get is a step-by-step class where someone far more qualified tells me exactly where to put my paint brush. Of course, I'm to intimidated to actually try it, which is where the "drink" part comes in handy.

The art teachers at our school have started organizing "Paint and Partake" events, where they provide the paint and you can choose to partake in whatever snacks and beverages you bring. I was so super excited to sign up.

Depressed Penguin in Blue

Hey, at least I'm honest when I say I don't have the painting gene. The night started off with one very depressed looking penguin. With a bit more painting and partaking, my little penguin morphed into a beautiful peacock! It was such a fun night. Good company, excellent and encouraging instruction from the kindest of art teachers, and a lovely new painting to put in the house. Hopefully we'll do more, because I am definitely signing up again!


Still Here!

Hey guys! I'm still here! Did you think I'd abandoned the blog?

Nope! Just abandoned the internet for a while. Funny story - Matt was doing yardwork one day, digging out some monkey grass, when he accidentally cut right through our cable line. Whoops! He ran in to check our devices but his worst fears were confirmed. Yep, in one fell swoop, we lost our cable tv and wireless internet. The earliest the cable company said they could come out was an eternal three weeks away. Just picture me trying to explain to Violet why her beloved iPad wasn't working. It might be a first-world problem, but you might as well cast her into a 17th century prison cell.

Fortunately we just scammed off our neighbors' wireless networks (with their permission, of course). It wasn't great, but it got us through Saturday morning cartoons in a pinch. Then one day this week, Matt turned on the tv just to see and lo and behold, it had spontaneously regenerated! I'm not sure how it happened, nor am I asking too many questions. I'm just glad we're back!

Things I learned during the Great Wireless Blackout of 2015: I don't actually watch that much tv. Yeah, it sucked not being able to lay in bed and zone out to some mindless cooking show while Matt was away on business for the week. And the iPad (including my school device) not working was a bummer. But thanks to our neighbors' networks, we survived without any lasting effects.

All that to say, it's way more convenient to have a working network. This laptop, for example, never quite figured out how to make the leap onto someone else's wireless, so it was a lame duck the entire time. Thanks, cable line, for fixing yourself!

This is how we felt when the wireless went out.
Actually, this is how Annie felt when I wouldn't let her hold my wine glass.

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