Paint and Partake

Have you ever been to one of those "drink and paint" places? I've always wanted to go. I secretly want to be artistic, but clearly lack any real talent, so the closest I'll get is a step-by-step class where someone far more qualified tells me exactly where to put my paint brush. Of course, I'm to intimidated to actually try it, which is where the "drink" part comes in handy.

The art teachers at our school have started organizing "Paint and Partake" events, where they provide the paint and you can choose to partake in whatever snacks and beverages you bring. I was so super excited to sign up.

Depressed Penguin in Blue

Hey, at least I'm honest when I say I don't have the painting gene. The night started off with one very depressed looking penguin. With a bit more painting and partaking, my little penguin morphed into a beautiful peacock! It was such a fun night. Good company, excellent and encouraging instruction from the kindest of art teachers, and a lovely new painting to put in the house. Hopefully we'll do more, because I am definitely signing up again!


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