Last Soccer Game

Violet played her last soccer game of the season today. I had my doubts about the season this year. For one thing, it felt like every other game or practice was rained out! So to make up for it, Thursday practices turned into games, which ended up being a good thing, at least for our girl. She seemed to have much more energy and motivation on Thursdays (perhaps it was the drive-thru McD's we always had on the way to the fields).

Regardless, Violet has shown such improvement this season, and really seemed to enjoy herself, that I think we'll be signing up for soccer again next year... on big fields... playing positions... keeping score... We'll see how it goes! As long as there are cupcakes and a trophy at the end, I think she'll be happy to give it a shot.

Be there first!

Soccer + hairbow = winning.

Can't catch me!

Going for the goal!

Blue Thunder teammates! We play soccer in style!

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