Birds in the 'Burbs

Getting so big!
Birds in our wreath update! They're still alive! And growing! And I have no idea how four of them are managing to cram in there these days! I tell you what, there's not a lot of room for mama. All through Easter lunch, I saw a blur going back and forth across the window, a busy mama out collecting food for her brood. Also, our front door is definitely going to have to be scrubbed/repainted once these Goodfeathers move out!

Whenever we arrive home from school, the birds (not just these ones, every bird in the neighborhood) are in full chorus. So each day I ask Violet if she hears the birds singing. Dutifully she repeats "buh" and then I make little chirping, tweeting noises to help her connect "buh" to the sounds we're hearing.

Yesterday when I got her out of the car, she beat me to it. "Buh!" she said before I even had her seatbelt off. Yes, birds, I agreed. Then she started making a noise I've never heard before, something like a high-pitched "tea... tea..." The girl was tweeting! Ha! She's so smart.

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