Hidden Genius

I was reading The Runaway Bunny to Violet the other night and at each full-color page, I asked her to point to the bunny. She nailed every one! Even the abstract pictures where the bunny is a tree or hidden in the clouds.

Can you find the bunny?

Impressive! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yep, Mensa Society.

Of course, the next day she discovered the joys of eating dirt, so maybe we shouldn't rush into anything. (And like a good mom, I had to grab a camera to capture the moment before rushing to dig the dirt out of her mouth. All in good time, my friends.)

Mmm, dirt...

Wait, this isn't Oreo...?
Ah, I meditate on the finer tastes in life.

The Runaway Bunny illustrations copyright Clement Hurd


  1. HAHAHAHAHA a hearty LOL at how fast a toddler switches from genius to sub-dog intelligence and back again. and the mediation pic/caption slayed me.

  2. Oh, that's priceless. I love her expressions in the pics.


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