Getting Old...

Well, it finally happened. I turned 30, and now I'm falling apart. My knee is killing me. I've never had joint pain, or aches and pains anywhere really, so this is unfamiliar and unwanted territory for me. On Tuesday I was walking through the school hall and realized my left knee hurt a bit. The next day, it hurt a lot and I'd lost some range of motion. Now it aches to walk up the stairs and I definitely can't kneel on the floor to help get Violet's shoes on.

And no, I don't know what I did to it. I don't remember doing anything, actually. It just started hurting. Although... it hurts a lot more when I hold Violet. In fact, I've had to change the position I carry her because of it. Could it be that the strain of holding my own child has busted my knee? Good grief! (Although she does weight 24.8 pounds, and I've been toting her around for more than a year now, so I guess it's possible...) So, what can I do for knee pain? Besides complaining about it. Because frankly, that hasn't been helping any.

Looking all grown up...
Someone else who is getting old is our cat Spooky. Yesterday we came to the solemn realization that she is deaf. As deaf as a doornail. And possibly has been for some time now. We should have realized something was up when she stopped hiding under the bed during thunderstorms. She's been riding them out on top of the covers, hardly bothered at all, and we've had some pretty violet weather lately. I thought maybe she'd finally grown out of her fear. Alas, it seems she just can't hear anymore.

Checking the fridge for a "nak".
As for the rest of the family, Matt and Violet are both battling sinus infections. So we're pretty much falling apart over here! But only one more day until sweet, sweet Spring Break, so I think we'll survive. Over-achieving plans for the break include painting our bedroom, dentist appointments, getting my hair cut, going to a wedding shower and birthday party, hitting up some thrift stores in search of goodies for next year's classroom, and (drum roll please) leaving Violet overnight for the first time! We'll see how much actually gets accomplished, but right now I'm choosing to be optimistic!

Nak? Are you there? It's me, Violet!


  1. hahah pretty "violet" weather. my fingers automatically type "judah" and
    layla" too.

  2. It sounds like you might have arthritis in that knee. Could be bursitis though also. I've had arthritis in my knees for a while now (they make a lovely crackling noise when I walk up the stairs) and just found out I have arthritis in my hip and back also. An ice/gel pack on your knee 20 minutes of each hour can help a lot. And that's an actual doctor's advice to me. I'm getting my 2nd round of cortizone shots in my hip on Tuesday. Hopefully this one will help b/c the 1st didn't. If your knee continues to bother you, we (the Gilberts) have a great practice we all go to. It's called Resurgens. They're wonderful. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. First of all, those overalls are beyond cute on Violet. I refuse to buy Miles a pair because I normally think they are ugly, but Violet has single-handedly changed my mind!

    Secondly, I'm so sorry about your knee and the sinus infections and poor deaf kitty. :( I hope you guys feel better soon for summertime!! My knee's bother me sometimes too, especially when I sit for a long period of time (like at a movie theater) and then try to go down stairs. If you find a solution, please share!

  4. Perhaps overalls on girls look different than on boys? Also Amanda, crazy jealous about your trip to London! Here I am stressing about leaving Violet for one night, and you're leaving Miles for days! :)


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