Bye Bye Bottle

So we had that pesky little Daylight Savings time change this weekend. Mercy, it was almost the end of me. We straggled on to church on Sunday and Violet survived another day in the nursery there. And after playing outside in the beautiful weather for a few hours, I pulled myself together enough to make it to a friend's wedding.

Here's the one picture I managed to snap on my phone (forgot the camera at home). The event took place at Opera, a nightclub in Atlanta. Weird venue, right? So I thought. But it was actually so pretty! A little Phantom of the Opera, I dare say. The couple did something I'd never seen at a wedding before - they had written each other love letters that they sealed up and ceremoniously placed in a wine box with a bottle of wine, to be opened on their fifth anniversary. Or, should they ever end up in a place where they need a little reminder of how they fell in love and what they mean to each other, they can break into the box and read the letters. A cool little tradition, I thought.  The evening was beautiful, I only wish I could have stayed out longer celebrating. But alas, I headed home early so I could attempt to get some sleep before school on Monday.

Can you say exhausted? Too little sleep, plus the time change, plus another round of allergies/sinus infection, and I was hurting when the alarm went off to start the work week. Thank goodness we had a major breakthrough last week that I've been meaning to share.
Violet is done with formula! Which means I don't have to remember to make bottles for her each morning. Or remember to actually take them to daycare with us (you'd be surprised how often I forget). Or try to juggle my child, the empty bottles, her daily report sheet and her jacket when I pick her up in the afternoons. And let me tell you, not having to make or remember bottles come Monday was such a relief.

This is all I have to remember to take in the mornings now.

She has done great on whole milk, it was such an easy transition. I'm not sure she even noticed the difference. Now that she's on milk, she can get it at school rather than me having to provide it each day. And now that she's on milk, we are one step closer to ditching the bottles for good. In fact (fingers crossed) she went to bed last night without a bottle at all. I gave her a bath, brushed her teeth (the next habit I'm bound and determined to create), read a story, and then asked her if it was night-night time. In response, she laid her head on my shoulder and off to bed she went! 

I was really worried about dropping that bedtime bottle, and I'm not saying we're done with it yet. But this is definitely a step in the right direction. Next up, the paci wars. Although she's been so easy going so far, maybe Violet will give up her pacifier just as easily... (oh who am I kidding!) But I'm not ready to tackle that battle yet anyway. One step at a time.

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