First Word!

You how I've been lamenting the fact that Violet hasn't issued any first words yet? And I'm not talking about nonsense babbling, or even rather impressive echoing of things she hears. I'm talking about a legitimate, spontaneously generated, independently uttered word that I can understand both in pronunciation and meaning. Tall order? Hey, we set the bar high in the Loughman household. Well hold the phone, because all that has changed!

I give you Violet's first word...


Translation: SNACK!

(I hang my mortified head in shame.)

We have ourselves a talker!

That's right, my daughter's first official word is snack. As in, feed me, woman! She said it for the first time one day this week when we had just arrived from school. She said it deliberately, insistently and repeatedly while she crawled right up to her high chair and pulled out a bib, waving it like a flag in my direction. Just in case I didn't get it. And I received her message loud and clear, no doubt in my mind.

I don't know whether to be excited or embarrassed.

Okay, I'm excited, I admit it. Although it would have been awesome for her first word to be something really profound. Or "Mommy". But hey, I'll take what I can get. So, snack it is!

And speaking of food, I officially packed up all the bottles, accessories and bottle drying rack last night! The kitchen feels so much more spacious without them. And Violet is officially on a toddler schedule at daycare, meaning she gets a set breakfast, lunch, snack (NAK!) and nap time (only one nap now, help us all!), and also gets to enjoy things like venturing outside with her classmates. Oh, and I was officially hired as a full-time first grade teacher at my school for next year! So yeah, big week all around!


  1. Yeah!! A real word from Violet and Oh Yes---a job for next year. That IS great news all around. Congratulation!!!!


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