All in Favor, Say Eye

So you might remember how, a few weeks ago, I was bemoaning the fact that Violet's clogged tear duct may require surgical intervention. It's funny, because at the time, her eye wasn't all that bad. I was just venting 12 months worth of on and off frustration.

Then, right after I had to open my big mouth, Violet's eye got as bad as it's ever been. I had been praying for a clear-cut sign from God that we should go for the surgery, and her eye got so bad that I immediately called the specialist and booked a consultation. It looked like I had my sign. For about a week, I was convinced we were going to do the surgery and I was slowly coming to terms with it. I asked around at work, on Facebook, to see if anyone could give me a first-hand account. But to my great ire, most people reported that their child's clogged duct opened naturally just days before the scheduled surgery or something else similarly convenient.

So I turned to the internet and did a lot of research online, reading forums to see what other parents have experienced. While you have to take these forums and message boards with a large tablespoon of salt, it was good to at least hear that other parents were dealing with the same fears and questions I had. What the general consensus seemed to be is that a) the worst part of the procedure is the anxiety parents experience as they have to let their babies be put under general anesthesia, and b) everyone is glad to have it done. Most of the time the eye doctor reports the blockage was so bad it would have never opened up on its own, so parents feel justified in their decision. And all the medical websites emphasized that the procedure is short, safe, common, etc.

Then, the week before our appointment for consultation, just as I was gathering steam and gearing up to get this thing done once and for all, Violet's eye cleared up. Instead of wiping the ever-present tear off her cheek, I didn't even notice any wet lashes. Could it be that I was about to become one of those bragging parents who could proclaim that we, too, canceled our appointment? And what about my request for an obvious sign from God, showing us what to do? I hate feeling this confused.

So, long story short, we kept the consultation appointment today. (Hey, it never hurts.) And it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. The doctor, rather than pressuring us or giving us the hard sell, told us to watch her eye for a couple months to see what happens. While he did say he noticed one eye was more wet than the other, and suspects she still has a minor blockage, he didn't seem overly concerned or ready to rush us into the operating room. I posed my favorite question - if this was your child, what would you do? - and he honestly told us he would probably have the surgery done, especially since even a minor blockage can cause problems whenever the baby gets congested (like Violet is now). When I asked him to describe what would go down in the operating room, he told me that explaining it would take longer than actually doing it. Violet will be asleep for less than three minutes. So, my gut is telling me we'll probably end up at Scottish Rite at some point in the near future. But I feel much better having finally talked to an expert. And as he put it, if you're child has to have surgery, this is the procedure you want to do.

So that's that. We'll see what happens over the next couple months. I'm still hoping for that super obvious sign from the Heavens. Hmm, what would be clear cut enough to satisfy me? Perhaps if a truck carrying a load of canned black-eyed peas overturns on the interstate, I'll know we're supposed to go ahead with it. How about, the next time time I'm at a restaurant, the waiter replies to my request for a refill with "aye aye captain!" Or the next time I'm listening to oldies, someone calls in to dedicate "Brown Eyed Girl" to Violet. Any of these would work for me.

Anyway, just wanted to fill you guys in. And now, since you waded so patiently through the wordy post above, I shall reward you with some extremely unrelated pictures below. After all, the latest poll suggests that while you'll indulge me in my ramblings about whatever, you at least want a baby photo for your efforts. So you shall have it! Can't say I never did anything for ya!

Tickling the ivories.

Violet's reading corner.
 PS If you hear of any runaway cans of black-eyed peas, let me know!

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