I love finding a television show that has been airing for a while, I just haven't been clued-in enough to follow it. Because it means I can start DVRing the heck out of it and always have something new-to-me to watch. I remember when Matt and I finally started watching House. We watched at least an episode a day until, within a few months, we had caught every show. The downside of this method of tv watching is that we tend to overdose ourselves, but boy, is it a fun ride while it lasts.

Right now, we are currently smack in the middle of a Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations gorge-fest and loving every second. Part travelogue, part food-fest, this show combines the best of both worlds. Bourdain, the host, is the icing on the cake. Yes, the show travels to random sites (the rerun I'm watching now takes place in the Azores - Bourdain's eating some boiled eggs cooked by putting them in a sack and tossing them into a bubbling hot spring that happens to smell like (his words) a wet fart) and odd food is consumed. But Bourdain's wry commentary on it all gives a dry hilarity to the happenings. He doesn't spend too much time describing the taste and texture of what he's eating, one of my pet peeves with other foodography shows (because you telling me it has a creamy, nutty flavor is really going to help me experience that bite of food through my tv). Instead, he just eats and nods with appreciation. Or not. On the Icelandic adventure, Bourdain seemed rather disgusted more often than not, and didn't bother sparing the natives' feelings.

One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original)
Speaking of currently, I just started reading a new book, One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original). It follows the relationship of Dexter and Emma over twenty years, but here's the catch- the story visits them on the same day each year, revealing snapshots of their lives over the two decade span. It sounds like an interesting gimmick, and word is that the story has already been optioned for a movie. So perhaps it will end up being one of my book club picks.

Water for Elephants: A NovelAnd speaking of book club, next month we'll be reading (or in my case, rereading) Water for Elephants: A Novel. The movie-version comes out in theaters mid-month, so we'll be catching it on the big screen, yay! If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out here. It always makes me nervous when Hollywood takes a great book and attempts to turn it into a movie, but so far I like what I see. Do you agree?

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  1. The best thing about finding a show late in the game is the opportunity to watch old episodes while fast forwarding through commercials. I loved finding old 'Mad Men" episodes even when they were out of order. That made it almost more fun to figure the characters out.


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