Single Mom of Two

Matt was out of town this entire weekend at his nephew's bar mitzvah (congrats Will!). He left early Saturday morning and came home after bedtime on Sunday.

Originally this was not going to be a problem. My mom had planned to come up and stay with me the weekend, helping me juggle two kids and keeping Violet occupied while I hosted book club at the house. But my dad called just as Matt was walking out the door (literally, his hand was on the door knob) to tell me that my mom was sick in bed and wouldn't be coming to my rescue.

I almost cried. Annie did cry.

I spent the weekend sending Matt pictures like this.
But what to do, other than accept the fact I'm a mother of two and get over it, right? So the girls and I hung out until my book club friends arrived to provide a bit of distraction. (Reality - Violet watched a LOT of tv the entire day while consuming copious amounts of food, most of it junk.)

It was awesome to see my friends and introduce them to Snoozy Annie. There was an appropriate amount of oohing and ahhing before we actual got down the the business of discussing the book we read, which was following by more oohing and ahhing and passing of the baby.

Once they left, one of my parents from school showed up with her daughter and a lovely dinner. Yay for not having to cook! (I actually saved the food to share with my neighbors the next day - double yay for serving dinner I didn't have to make!) Then Violet finally got to run around and play with the neighbors, who helped me deal with my super whiny, non-napping, snack-begging oldest child until it was bedtime. Violet appeared to be trying for the world record for fastest time to reach total meltdown status and longest sustained whine. I wouldn't be surprised if she hit both goals. They actually sent me home with the baby for some quiet time and kept Violet entertained until it was time to wrestle her into pjs and bed. Best. Village. Ever. I needed a few moments alone after that day.

Two freshly clean girls.

On Sunday I got the best gift of all - my neighbor took Violet to church and lunch while I stayed home with Annie and did the grocery shopping. I even convinced my other neighbor (seriously, how would I survive without them?) to help me give Annie her first tub bath (which she loved, by the way, unlike Violet's first tub time). In return, I served them up a delicious dinner I didn't have to cook, managed to give Violet her first bath in a good three or four days (don't judge) and got everyone to bed, including myself, before Matt came home.

All in all, it was a successful solo weekend. But oh, we were happy to see Daddy again! I've said it before, but it bears repeating with a voice of awe and respect, I don't know how single parents do it. And I hope I don't have to do it again any time soon!

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  1. Oh her crying face :-( what adorable gums and I can def assure you she's not tongue tied. Not that it was in question ;-)


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