The Oldest

I am loving my quiet days home with my youngest. But every now and then I miss the loud, crazy energy of my oldest. Last night she regaled us with a musical number, complete with macarena-like dance moves, as she sang us the months of the year song. July made an appearance an extra time or two, but for the most part, she has the year nailed down pat.

Weekends are the sweetest, because Matt is home and we have all day to hang out and play. We can be lazy, and trade the baby back and forth, and indulge Violet in one extra episode of Sofia the First. School mornings are hard because everyone is tired and trying to get ready (or actively procrastinating). School afternoons can be tough as well, because no matter how soon dinner is, Violet insists on a snack. And then another, better snack. Every day I promise I'm going to start breaking that habit, and every afternoon at 5:30 I just need her to be quiet and still for a few minutes. So we're still trying to figure that one out.

But there's always a moment that makes me smile, or cracks Matt up, or makes us look at one another with the amused disbelief that we actually created the wild, wonderful creature in front of us.

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