Happy 5 Weeks

Happy Monday, everyone! We're suffering from a dreary, rainy day here in Georgia, but this girl has enough sunny smiles to make the day bright. Which is good, because these same eyes were open for quite a while last night, making for a sleepy mama. I am making it my mission to see that Annelise gets more awake time today, hoping she'll sleep a little longer tonight. Although really, we're spoiled. The night before, Annie slept from 10 p.m. to 3:45 a.m. and then again until almost 8 in the morning. So we're actually getting a good amount of shut eye with only one feeding to interrupt the night.

Friday's well check went well! I took both girls with me so Violet could get a flu shot and her hearing/vision screening done. I'm starting the process to get her screened for speech services, and the amount of paperwork required is ridiculous. But at least the pediatrician's forms are collected.

Both girls did a great job at the doctor. Violet listened and paid attention and didn't balk at the flu mist vaccine. Annie didn't cry until the mean nurse gave her a shot. She weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz (75-90th percentile) and she is 23 inches long. Verdict? The boobs are working (she gained 14 ounces in 17 days, after all!), despite the fact Annie still isn't digging her nightly bottle that much. The most we can get her to drink is around two ounces, which just doesn't seem like that much. It's such a difference from Violet, who gulped down a bottle with gusto. However, I'm purposely not looking back to compare the two when Violet was this age - I'd rather let Annie be her own little person and get to know her without comparison to anyone else, even her sister.

The Sip and Sleep See

Saturday my sweet grade level gathered at the neighbor's home for a Sip and See. I loved showing off little Miss Annie! She was so good, she slept the whole time and let everyone get plenty of cuddles in. I also raked in quite a few boxes of diapers and wipes, yay! Although really the best present was getting to see all my school friends. While I don't miss the work, I do miss seeing this great group of ladies every day.

Sip and See Selfie

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