Annelise One Month

Well look who is one month old!

She looks pretty darn pleased with herself. Is this the first elusive smile captured on camera?

She is totally psyched to be wearing one of those fancy stickers that mark the months. Violet never got those - score one for the little sis!

Annie's one month well check is on Friday, so any new stats will have to wait. What else can I report?

  • Totally loving bath time
  • Can stay awake a good hour to an hour and a half between feedings
  • Tends to be a bit fussy at night
  • Enjoys going for walks around the neighborhood and sleeping in her swing
  • Growing out of her newborn clothes 
  • Up to a size 1 diaper
  • Still indifferent about paci - more likely to spit it out with an indignant "I can't believe you tried to fool me with this crap!"
  • Working on taking a bottle - we're trying various combinations of breast milk and formula - but still prefers the boobies (who wouldn't?!)
  • Has been to church, the pumpkin patch, the neighbors' for dinner, small group, a fall festival, lots of walks outside, Target and Publix multiple times, and even dropped by Mommy's school (shh, don't tell!)
I love you, little girl! I can't wait to see your personality develop and grow! Gimme some more smiles!

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