Big Sister

Does someone need attention?

Violet is very excited today. She gets to go home from school with her BFF, have a playdate, go to gymnastics together, and then have a dinner date before being dropped back off at home! She has not stopped talking about it all week. A million thanks to Emma's mama for making it happen.

Overall Violet is adjusting really well to having a little sister. If anything, the problems we're seeing with her are issues that have been here long before baby. Things like getting her dressed, fed and out the door in the morning without any battles, for example. Of course, adding an infant to the mix just ratchets up the stress level, but I'm hopeful that every day will get easier. 

Teaching little sister how to play.
Violet loves being helpful. Her favorite task is throwing away diapers. Because I am an evil genius, I convinced her that the diaper pail is a "magic trashcan". She loves putting the diaper in, moving the handle, and then revealing that - ta-da! - the diaper is gone! She also loves bringing Annie her little bunny or paci whenever the baby is fussing.

Silly girl!
I climbed the stairs for the first time yesterday so I could read books and tuck my big girl into bed. It was nice to get to spend some time with Violet, just the two of us. It's been an adjustment, figuring out how to parent two children, especially when both seem to need tons of attention in completely different ways. But I'm loving having my girls and watching them together. I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

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