Everything in my life is round.

My stomach is round and mushy. I feel like I'm still pregnant, although now I'm carrying a partially deflated basketball instead of a nine-pound baby. I know it's only been a week, but boy I miss my body. I miss sleeping on my stomach.

My boobs are round and hard. The milk came in with a vengeance while we were in the hospital and yowza! Annie is such a snoozefest, I find myself waking her to eat just to take some pressure off the girls.

My feet are round and puffy. They are more swollen now than they ever were while I was pregnant. No one warned me this would happen. The only thing I miss more than my pre-pregnancy stomach are my pre-pregnancy feet. And my hands. I'm tired of looking unmarried because my rings don't fit.

My baby has the sweetest, roundest cheeks ever seen. They are so soft and smooth, I have to restrain myself from squishing them whenever I hold her. I'm already missing them, knowing they'll be gone one day.

Look at those chubby, squishy cheeks!

EDIT: I had a doctor's appointment today to get the staples removed. I'm feeling much less Bride of Frankenstein now.  Apparently I'm healing great, everything looks really good, the nurses thought Annie was adorable (naturally) and seemed pleased with where I was at this point in my recovery. It was a positive report all around. So I'm trying to give myself (and my soft, round, mushiness) a little grace. 

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