Picking a Date

You know what's surreal? Having the power to pick your child's birth date.

This morning I called Dr. K and scheduled our c-section. At yesterday's appointment this child still hadn't flipped and wasn't looking likely to. The doctor initially offered next Friday, exactly 39 weeks, but my substitute can't start until the following Monday. (Only a teacher would ever have that train of thought.)

So next Monday, September 23, it is. We'll wake up, load our bags, make the 10 minute commute to the hospital, gown up and be given our baby. So bizarre.

The number one question I'm getting these days is whether Violet was the same way. Um, no. With Violet, I apparently didn't realize how lucky I was. No swelling, wore my rings into the delivery room, water broke at home with my first contraction, easy breezy. What a different experience this has been, and continues to be. (Although I've gotten so many supportive comments from friends - thank you!)

I'm also continuously surprised at the idea that we're having a baby. I know, a little late for that realization, right? But I've been so focused on the pregnancy, how enormous I'm getting, how my students will deal with my absence, how uncomfortable I am, how Violet will adjust to our new family dynamic, that I keep forgetting that at the end of this road I'll actually end up with a tiny little baby girl. My head knows that life will change forever, the rest of me just keeps nodding uh-huh and continuing on its distracted way.

It's also hard to believe that one week from today will be my last day in the classroom until January. I'm planning a little "good-bye for now" party with the kids, with "baby" mini cupcakes. You know, gotta leave them with some happy thoughts of me before I disappear! I get nervous at the thought of giving them into someone else's hands, but what to do.

Well, I supposed the count down has officially started! Here's to surviving the next 10 days!

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