There's an App for That

When you have a newborn, everyone is obsessed with their eating and pooping. Probably because it's the only thing your baby can do. With Violet, we had a little notebook we recorded her daily stats in religiously. It was handy for when the pediatrician inevitably asked at each appointment, and it also helped keep my head in the game come four a.m.

Well, we have apparently lost our touch, because we got fussed at by the nurse in the hospital for not keeping up with the chart they provided us with. I'd be woken up in the middle of the night and asked to recite half a day's worth of nursing and diaper changes. So after the first day of stern looks from those in charge, I downloaded myself an app to help keep track of all such vital matters.

Yep, they have an app for that.

Baby Connect is awesome. Not only does it let me record each diaper change, I can also describe its size, color and consistency (because life is in the details, they say). Then I can turn the collected information into a nerdy bar graph showing how many diapers were wet or dirty, compare today's stats to yesterday's output, track how long Annie has been feeding with the push of a timer button, remember which side she fed on, graph the total number of minutes spent feeding each day... talk about a nerd alert!

Needless to say, my nurses were impressed. Not necessarily by my fancy technology, just by the fact that we were finally able to fill out their chart.

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