All About Annie

Allow me to introduce you to Annie. At four days old, she is already proving to be quite a sweetie. And quite the sleepy head. This child of mine does nothing but sleep, to the point that it's hard to even wake her up to eat! When she does finally start eating, she only manages about 15 minutes before she passes out again, despite my best efforts tickling her, jiggling her, burping her.

And Annie is far too polite to burp. She has what I've dubbed "delayed burping syndrome". When she does let one out, it's a good half hour after she's eaten. So far Daddy is the expert in getting the burps out - he's always able to provide her with a good model to copy.

Of course, I hate to complain about all the sleeping. If anything, it's left me with quite a bit of time on my hands! I'm trying to enjoy it, seeing as it might all change in a second. Every night, Matt and I look at each other after a long day of Annie snoozing and say to each other, "we're in for it tonight!" And each night, we get at least a four-hour uninterrupted stretch of sleep.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I'd be getting worried, but we got an excellent report at our check-up with the pediatrician today. Annelise is in the 90th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. Surprise, surprise! She was born at 9 lb/5 oz, and left the hospital at 8 lb/8 oz. Just a day later, she's up to 8 lb/8.6 oz (hey, I'll take that .6!) Any minor worries we had were put to rest. I have to say, I love our pediatrician. She's exactly what every new mom needs - relaxed, laid back, encouraging. When I worried that I was having a hard time waking the baby every three hours to eat, she told me just to get a magazine or grab a quick nap and try again later. She was very happy with everything she saw at our appointment, and that makes this mama happy, too.

(All this talking about it has me convinced that she'll be up all night, ravenous, now! I really need to start appreciating what I've got!)

She's awake! Wait.... nope!

We're enjoying getting to know each other here at home. Violet is off at school right now, the visitors have gone home, Matt is taking the opportunity to knock some long-standing items off the to-do list. We're looking forward to our first family of four movie night tonight, adn then we'll see what the weekend holds!

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