We Made It

In 48 hours, there will be another Little Loughman! That is such a crazy thought. And I have to admit, as much as I didn't want a scheduled c-section, a huge part of me is relieved that the end is in sight. I swear, this week tried its hardest to put me into labor!

We had the carpets cleaned Tuesday. The house cleaners came Wednesday. Both required pre-cleaning and moving furniture and generally turning the house upside down. Wednesday was also an early release school day and we had professional development at a different school the second half of the day. I left there, raced to a doctor's appointment, and raced home for small group. Violet also ran a fever that evening, required an emergency call to Grandma to come cover for us at home on Thursday. (Thank goodness Violet seems better after taking a day off.) Thursday I ran around after school picking up a birthday present for a party V went to on Friday and buying cupcakes for my kiddos for our class birthday party for the new baby. Yesterday was my last day with the kids, a crazy thought in and of itself. My sweet room moms came in the afternoon for our little party - we had cupcakes and opened a few gifts and I read the advice the students wrote: "What should Mrs. Loughman do to take care of Baby?" My favorite pointers included going to the doctor to get the baby out (on it!), changing poopoo diapers, and teaching the baby to walk. Following dismissal I was at school another three hours, trying to wrap everything up and get ready for my long-term sub. By 6 p.m. I figured, it's as ready as it's going to get, she's just going to have to jump in and figure the rest out herself. And I was out of there!

Diaper motorcycle from one of my cafeteria ladies!
This weekend we're puttering around, returning a few unneeded baby items, testing out the video monitor, finishing up laundry, storing things away in the attic, just trying to tie up loose ends. A nap and a pedicure are on my personal to-do list. It is very strange to think we're about to become a family of four.

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