Things I'm Thankful For Today

A beautiful fall morning to take a stroll in, just Annie and me.

Starting to feel back to normal, including hands and feet back to usual size.

A sweet, healthy baby girl who is so laid back, I can enjoy a long, hot shower every day without worry.

She's awake!

The calm and stillness of the neighborhood while everyone is at work.

A forever friend who provided me with company, conversation and laughter on what might have been a lonely day.

Emily and Annie.
A refrigerator stuffed with food from friends.

Violet's fantastic playdate with her BFF yesterday - she still can't get over it! I love seeing my big girl so happy.

A hubby who is so helpful and patient, even at 3 a.m.

Things I'm Hopeful For:

Tuesday's visit to the pediatrician - all questions answered, fears put aside, confidence boosted.

Driving again! It's getting boring around here.

Reentering society - church, small group, book club, Target...

Patience as my body and I continue to make peace with each other.

Embracing the quiet new life I'm leading and getting the most out of these moments while they last.

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