Notice something different about these pictures? Yep, eyeballs. My friend is officially awake. Hibernation is over, as are the endless naps. It took three weeks, but this child is ready to meet the world.

Unfortunately, she wants to meet the world between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. And while this is totally normal, it is also exhausting.

Tuesday night was the worst. Not only was she awake, she was awake and fussy. Sometimes flat-out yelling at us. Matt and I passed her back and forth, we walked, we bounced, we "shushed", we swaddled, we unswaddled. She would fall asleep for a few minutes, we would dare breath a sigh of relief, and then she'd start up again. Upset tummy? Colic? Just being a baby? Who knows. All we knew was, we needed sleep and it wasn't happening. To add stress to the mix, we attempted a bottle for the first time, which Annie wanted nothing to do with. After Violet, who never turned down food in whatever form is came in, we were not prepared for this rejection. Babies are so confusing and seem made just to make their mamas worry. She finally passed out around 6:15, just in time for Violet to wake up at 6:20. Fun times.

Needless to say, there were two grumpy parents yesterday.

Fortunately, we had small group last night. It's always a good thing to be surrounded by loving, supportive friends when your life line is fraying in your fingertips. They sent us home refreshed and hopeful for a good night, which we had. This time Annie took a bottle and while she spazed out between 10 and 11:30, she was out for the count after that, except for her feedings.

Something I remember distinctly with Violet is how unpredictable infants are. As soon as I'd think we were on to something, she would switch up her schedule again or do something that freaked me out and I'd be back at square one on the confidence scale. I'm trying to take things more in stride this time around, but as always babies are intent on keeping you on your toes. I still have concerns and questions, I still wonder if I'm doing things right, if she's okay. I guess that's just all part of parenting. What a mind job.

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