Full disclaimer, I cared more about the photo opp than getting her clean, but it was a win-win all around!

I felt bad that I didn't capture pictures of Annie's first bath, so for the sake of documenting it forever, I decided to finally bathe her again. I'm not one for constantly dunking babies in the tub. A, it's a lot of work. Get out the tub, the soap and towels, dry clothes and diaper at the ready, deal with all the dressing and undressing, etc. And B, how dirty can one baby get? Other than her butt, which gets wiped every hour anyway. Still, I suppose it's a good habit to get into, the whole washing thing.

It was pj day. Perhaps I should have considered giving myself a bath before I bathed Annie!

This time I managed to bathe her single-handedly (not easy when the object you're trying to clean and simultaneously not drown is a nine-pound floppy sack of potatoes). Fortunately, my brother was on hand to wield the camera for me. And even better, this child continues to love bath time. She was so calm and happy in the water. The only time she complained was when it was time to get out and dry off.

Sweet, clean Annelise.

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