Our Halloween

A spooky snack.

Our Halloween was awesome. I've said before that Halloween isn't really my holiday. I wasn't raised with a lot of Halloween hoopla - for a long time as a child, we kept the lights off on trick-or-treat night and didn't celebrate. But now that I have kids, especially a little girl who is so excited about the prospect of dressing up and getting free candy, I've gotten into it a bit. We still don't deck out the house like our neighbors do, but I'm learning. (See spooky snack above!)

I absolutely loved being able to go to Violet's school party and trunk-or-treat event. I was just like all the other moms! It's one of the aspects of this maternity leave that I'm enjoying - not just time to stay home and get to know my new little girl, but time to spend with my big girl. If I was working, there would have been no way I'd have been able to leave, and now that Violet is older she really wants me there like all the other kids. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go!

Favorite pals.

The class!

My Pretty Purple Princess

Showing off her growing stash!

Comparing the loot.

You can barely see it, but that purple hairpiece lights up - excellent for keeping track of her in the dark.

The princess and the ladybug.
Happy Halloween from the Loughman Family

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