8 Weeks

8 weeks!
We are busy around here. I'm loving the fact that I have some extra time on my hands to knock out my to-do list. This week alone, I turned in the paperwork to get my teaching certificate renewed, Violet has her speech evaluation tomorrow, and Annie starts physical therapy for her torticollis on Thursday. Next week is my brother's birthday (I'm hosting a chili lunch for the family), book club, Annie's 2-month well-check, Violet's Thanksgiving feast at school, not to mention the actual Thanksgiving holiday!

Loving on her paci.

So my girl is eight weeks. It's so hard to believe. She's still just waking up once at night, somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m. She still not 100 percent sure of her paci. We spend a lot of time on the playmat and she already loves watching tv, football in particular (not that this season has been much worth watching). I'll be changing her on the bed and catch her glued to the screen - she could happily stay there for 20 minutes. She's doing pretty good with her head control, even with the torticollis, although I think it makes tummy time a particular trial. But I get plenty of big smiles every day, which makes it all worth it. Some of my favorite times are when it's just the two of us girls, hanging out together in the living room during the quiet day when everyone else is away. We talk and laugh and just enjoy each other's company.

And just for fun, let's compare Violet and Annie at the same age. Do you think they look alike? Annie definitely has more hair, and it's already lighter!

Annie 8 weeks
Violet 8 weeks.
For those of you who might be new around here, did you know that I took a picture every week for Violet's entire first year? I know, I am an insane person. But it's awesome to have a record here in this space to go back and refer to. For example, here is what I had to say about Violet's eighth week on earth. If you're interested in reliving history, check out the "Monday's Child" link to the right.

Violet was born on Monday the 22nd (of February) and Annie was born on Monday the 23rd (of September). According to the traditional poem, I think I'm pretty lucky...
Monday's child is fair of face

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