Making Friends

Tatum and Lukas, sitting in a swing.

On Sunday I arrived home from church with the girls to discover the above hanging out on my back porch. But there was no need to be alarmed. These distinguished gentlemen, entertaining themselves with the Sunday New York Times and a cold beverage, were in our neck of the woods to celebrate my brother's birthday. We had fun celebrating with the whole family, chili and pumpkin pie. Happy 31 years, Lukas!

Gus and Annie, best of friends?
You can tell the weather is getting cold when the cat is willing to snuggle up with whatever warm body he can find. Truth be told, they both looked pretty comfy.

Yesterday the ridiculously cold weather couldn't stop book club from getting together. Although at this point, it's more like a baby club! We did manage to discuss our book, in between feeding and playing with the newest members of the club. Four out of five of these babies were born just days apart in September! There is only one little man in the bunch, so he'll have his pick of the ladies. It was so fun to see them altogether and also see so many of my friends from the school. It's nice when your co-workers are also your friends.

Book club babies!
When we got home, another sweet friend of mine came for a visit. Jody was one of the first people to hold Violet when she was born, and I was so excited to introduce her to Annie. I love this girl. We spent countless hours together commuting to Athens for our masters degrees, and even though we hadn't seen each other in far too many months, we picked right up where we left off like no time at all had passed. How lovely to have so many good friends in our life!

Hello Jody!

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