And We're Out!

Matt and I headed out on our first date night this weekend! It took us three months to first leave Violet while we went to a friend's wedding. It took us less than eight weeks to leave little Annie for the first time. Both grandmas came up to help out (one for each of my girls - we play man-on-man defense around here) so that Matt and I could attend a dinner and dancing event held in honor of my school's recent National Blue Ribbon award.

Can I just say how much I love where I work. Our admins are wonderful, the teachers are stellar, my team in particular makes me a better teacher each day. Teaching is a stressful, non-stop, emotionally taxing job, but working where I do makes it worth it.

My handsome date.

My first grade heroes.
It was so fun to see my team and all the rest of the teachers from the school. And it was even better to see them in such a festive atmosphere. We all dressed up, had a lovely dinner and danced the night away. Let me tell you, some of us can get down! And of course, it was good to have an evening away from the girls.

The grandmas did great. Somehow they managed to keep Annie awake almost the entire time we were gone (probably overstimulation due to both of them never wanting to leave her alone!) and once I nursed her when we returned, she slept all night long for the first time! I couldn't believe it!

(We tried to repeat the feat the next night, but alas, Matt and I are simply not interesting enough. She was asleep by eight! Oops.)

But it's nice to have gotten out for the first time and proved to ourselves that we can do it and live to tell the tale. Now, anyone want to babysit so we can plan our next date night?!

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