Visiting INK

Look who dressed all by herself while I was in the shower!

Yesterday my neighbor and I loaded up our kids and headed to INK, Interactive Neighborhood for Kids. It's a cute hands-on museum that lets kids pretend to be various community helpers. There's a little grocery store they can shop in, complete with mini carts, shelves of food and a register for checking out. There is a diner where they can cook pretend food and serve it to customers waiting in the booths. There is even an antique fire truck and police car they can climb in and explore. It was a fun place to spend the afternoon. Of course, after driving all the way there, the kids spent 80 percent of their time running around the indoor playground, leading us to the sad realization that we could probably just have taken them to Chickfila and they would have been just as happy!

Checking out the fire truck.

T had to go to court, on trial for the charge of playground roughness. Think Violet has a future career as a court reporter?

Milking a cow.

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