Glucose, Take Two

Gifts from Sweden for Baby Girl! Those Swedes have such good taste.

My mom recently came home from Sweden. She takes a trip to her homeland every year to visit her family, although this trip was under much sadder circumstances, as my sweet Mormor (grandmother) and Violet's namesake passed away. She was an awesome lady and I'll never forget the trip Matt and I took with my mom to visit her several years ago. You can often tell what kind of person someone is by the legacy they leave behind, and based on the pictures and stories I've seen of her funeral, it is clear this woman was beloved by her family.

Mom did not return empty-handed. I got the sweetest little outfits, including a gorgeous handmade sweater, for the baby. And of course, there was the requisite bucket of Swedish candy. Ah, like manna from heaven, this is. I'm addicted. Mom almost didn't hand it over when she found out I failed my first glucose test, fearing it would ruin the retake.

No, you can't have any.
But I'm pleased to announce... (insert drum roll...) I passed yesterday's 3-hour test! Ha, take that, blood sugar! The test was ugh. I couldn't eat or drink anything before they stabbed me in the arm for a blood sample. Then I had to drink the disgusting glucose drink on an empty stomach. Then every hour for three hours they stabbed me again. In the meantime, I had to sit in the waiting room and attempt not to vomit. Awesome. But it was all worth it to pass.

In a few other random updates, Matt and I headed down to Peachtree City to check out Toad the Wet Sprocket, one of our favorite throwback bands who just happened to be playing the amphitheater in our hometown. We took along one of my teacher friends and her husband and made it a double date.

Rocking out!

My date.
Back home, I was inspired to get crafty and cover the light switches in the newly painted nursery with some pretty scrapbook paper. It was super easy, requiring just the paper and some mod podge. Makes a nice little statement for just a few pennies. I'm always excited when I discover a project my non-crafty self can complete with decent results.

And then I discovered this picture and it's too pretty not to share. I have it as the lock screen on my phone, so every time I turn it on, I'm reminded of this truth.

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