Last week Violet had her first ever swim lessons, or as we referred to it, "swim camp". She did awesome. I was worried that she'd balk at going since none of her friends were with her, or that she'd freak out when I left the room, but this kid was a champ. She jumped in the water to her instructor, learned to put her face in and blow bubbles, practiced her kicking, wore goggles (perhaps her favorite part).

I just had to take a picture of my proud girl after she finished cleaning up her playroom all by herself! I was so shocked that a) she did it and b) did it without me and c) only had to be asked one time. Here's hoping I can figure out how to make this happen again! (I'm guessing bribery in the form of food would work...)

Matt and I had ourselves a date night and finally got to check out Cinebistro. It was very fun, regardless of the zombie apocalypse I had to sit though. (Brad Pitt's face helped a little.) If you don't know (and are too lazy to click on the above link to find out), Cinebistro is an upscale movie house that serves dinner and drinks while you watch. You get to sit in fancy leather seats and enjoy excellent service... it's basically a really nice restaurant that happens to have a giant movie screen as part of its decor.

I haven't killed the garden yet!

Tea party for three!

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