Pool Party

Today Violet and I headed down to the neighborhood pool to meet up with most of my first grade team. We finally all had time to get together. Of course, we'll be seeing plenty of each other in a couple short weeks when school official starts, but it was fun to catch up in a slightly more relaxed setting.

Starting just yesterday, the pool has become an extra fun place for Violet, since she has finally gotten brave enough to swim on her own (in her floaties, of course). Before now, she stayed mainly in the kiddie pool, or with a superhuman grip around my neck. But she's finally gotten brave enough to take off by herself, which makes the pool a more relaxing place for me.

Of course, five hours at the pool makes for one tired little girl. She has been pleading to let us sleep in her "tent" for the past week or so (I think it goes along with the kitty cat thing she has going) and until now we have refused, to plenty of tears. But since she didn't nap yesterday, I was willing to pretty much agree to anything today, provided it led to some shut-eye. So I told her she could read in her tent for a little bit when we got home, and now she is sleeping soundly. Ah, dreams do come true!

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