Show Me the Money

Making a deposit.

Recently Violet discovered a piggy bank. It's technically her piggy bank, she's just never noticed it before. Naturally she wanted to know why piggy had a hole in the top, so we explained the whole idea of money and banks and well, you know the drill. Of course, Violet wanted some money to put in there.

Then one day she spontaneously cleaned up the whole playroom by herself. I was so impressed that I gave her a coin for her piggy. She helped set the table and earned another coin. She got dressed by herself and another coin went into piggy.

Having second thoughts about that deposit...
Of course, she has no idea of the value of money. It doesn't matter what kind of coin we give her. She doesn't even seem overly impressed that she's earning money. At this point, putting it in (and shaking it back out, repeat) is the primary draw. But it seems like a better reward than bribing her with treats, and maybe eventually it will lead to some earning/spending/saving conversations in the future.

Gimme my money back, pig!

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