Party Time, Excellent!

This weekend our friends Tim and Jeanette flew down from the Great North of NJ with their daughter M to celebrate said daughter's second birthday. Jeanette is such a fantastic party planner. I wish I had taken pictures of the adorable Curious George party she put together - I'm sure it will be all over Pinterest in a few days. Violet is currently going through a Curious George phase of her own - if it keeps up another few months, perhaps I'll just copy Jeanette's ideas for a swingin' monkey party of our own!

Every good party has to include some story time.

Sweets to the sweet!

A little young for her first date...
And what has to be one of the simultaneously most adorable and most anxiety-inducing pictures ever taken of my child...

A (not small) part of me hopes they get married just so we can show this picture at their wedding.

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