Last Days of Summer

Well, we've reached the end. Tomorrow is my last day of summer break. To be honest, it feels like it already ended in a way, since I spent all last week going into school to get my classroom set up and ready. You might have noticed that's when I temporarily dropped off the blog. Yeah, expect a bit more radio silence as this school year ramps up.

But summer definitely went out with a bang. Matt's brothers came into town this past weekend and we enjoyed some family time. Matt and I even had some togetherness time at the Guster/Ben Folds Five concert. It was a good ending to a good summer, and now I'm ready for the new school year to get underway.

Taking home a baseball, courtesy of pre-game warm-ups. Although honestly, she was more excited about the cotton candy Grandpa bought her!

Grandpa, Grandma, Grandkids

Hauling in the Sunday paper.

Guster! And we even got "upgraded" to the handicapped seats, thanks to the fact that the ushers probably thought I was going to give birth during the concert.

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