I haven't written much about being pregnant this second time around. Maybe because I'm so busy with the child in front of me, it's a relief to have one safely tucked inside of me who can't run away or talk back or demand more tv time. She's rather low maintenance in comparison!

But there have been quite a few marked differences between this pregnancy and the last. Chalk it up to the second time around, or the fact that I'm older, or working/mothering while pregnant. I've gained more weight. I feel more tired and less "glowy". We haven't even been been able to settle on a name for this sweet thing.

At least we painted the nursery for her!
So when it came time for the glucose test, I faced it with a mixture of confidence and trepidation. Confident, because with Violet I breezed through the test with an A+ (at least, that's what it would have been if they gave grades out). A little fear because, well, things this time around just haven't been the same and I think I was expecting the worst.

Which is exactly what I got. And still managed to totally freak out over. We're talking, crying in the car on the way home. And mind you, I know plenty of women who have failed the initial glucose test. And they went on to pass the second time, no problem. But I'm not used to failure. My doctor said if she was grading my test, I would be a C student. Good Lord, I've never gotten a C on anything in my life! So now I've failed at knowing my baby's name AND I've failed this stupid glucose exam. Just hand over the Mother of the Year award now - I imagine it's only a matter of time before I catch Violet eating cat food or forget her at the grocery store.

You're all invited to my pity party this weekend, where I will be serving lots of cake and carbs. The three hour glucose test involves carbo-binging for three days to try and force your body into the worst possible position. The doctors figure, if you can eat nonstop bread, pasta, rice and cake for three days and still pass the test, well, you deserve your bill of health. Of course, this just means I'll be eating my regular diet, so perhaps therein lies the problem. Hmm...

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  1. SHE!?! i didnt know! congrats on a second girl (unless i am misreading somehow). you make em cute AS ALL!


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