The Holidays are Here

Let it be said that this is the earliest I have ever let the holidays into my house.

I used to scoff at those people who have their Christmas decorations up before the turkey has even been carved. I mean, poor Thanksgiving barely stands a chance sandwiched in between the onslaught of Halloween and Christmas.

But this year I finally wised up and decided to take advantage of my week-long break from school to get somethings done. We started decorating before we enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with our families, took advantage of the balmy weather to get the outdoor decor up before the cold snap, and finished up today when we went to get a tree.

We keep it simple and classy.

Last year we did the whole Christmas tree farm thing. But this year we decided to skip the trip, as fun as it was, in order to get it all done before I head back to school tomorrow. So while picking out a tree at the local Lowes doesn't have quite the sentimentality of the scenic tree farm, the outcome is essentially the same. We can always do the tree farm experience next year. And honestly, Violet wasn't really into it anyway, so nothing wasted.

Another confession - we waited until Violet fell asleep for her nap to get the tree up and decorated. I know, worst parents ever? But trust me, it was easier this way. And even after she woke up and saw the glamor and glory, she still didn't seem as wowed as I would have expected. So again, nothing wasted.

It has been a wonderful week. I have really relaxed and enjoyed my family and time off. I got a ton of stuff done (doctors appointments, Violet's hair cut, Christmas cards addressed, some shopping done). Violet has been a gem the whole week, no tantrums or time-outs. I finally cracked open my school bag today for a couple hours this afternoon (nothing crazy or anything) so I'm slightly prepared to go back to work tomorrow.

I have much to be thankful for. A husband who loves me and supports me. My family nearby. Wonderful neighbors. A good church. My home to call my own. (When I asked Violet was she was thankful for this Thanksgiving, she said "Violet baby". And I'm thankful for my Violet baby.)

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