Princess Violet

Violet spent the entire weekend in her princess dress, as she calls it. "I'm a princess! I'm a princess!" echoed through our house. She twirled. She leaped. She danced. Sweet girl. Lately I've noticed how her imagination has really taken off. She makes up songs in the car, changing the lyrics to Farmer in the Dell to "I miss my Daddy, I miss my Daddy, Daddy Daddy Daddy..." as we waited for Matt to come back from a grocery store run. She puts towels on the floor to jump over, calling them mud puddles. Instead of just using her kitchen set as a hold-all for toys, she's actually playing with it the way it's meant to be used, pretending to cook and wash dishes. She makes sure to tuck her baby dolls under a blanket each night. And I'm thinking she'll need some more dress up clothes for Christmas this year.

And speaking of Christmas, Violet spotted a life-sized mechanical dancing Santa at Lowes on Saturday and was enthralled. She started shaking her hips right there in the store, copying his moves. I don't think she's entirely sure who the jolly old man is yet, or why he's so important. So we'll have a bit of work to do leading up to December this year. Although she must know it's something special, seeing as she's already asking "Can I go to Christmas?" We will have to be very intentional this year when we explain Christmas. I'll need to find a nativity set so I can explain the whole Reason for the Season aspect. But I have a feeling this will be a very magical holiday. I can't wait!

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