Cut! That's a Wrap!

Not quite sure about what's happening here...

We've experienced another first! These "first" milestones are few and far between now that I've got such a big girl, but first haircut definitely qualifies.

Maybe I'm unsentimental or have a tin heart beating away in there, but it wasn't that big of a deal. No tears were shed, by either Violet or myself. We did get a little certificate with a lock of hair as a souvenir, so that's cool (or creepy, I don't know). But Violet did awesome for such a new experience, so cross it off the list.

I opted to take her to one of those kiddie haircut places for this first time. I figured there would be plenty of things to distract her if for some reason she decided to freak out on me. Overall it wasn't quite what I expected. When we walked in there was just one stylist working, the place was rather dark and glum despite the blaring cartoons on the tvs at each station. Our stylist was an older woman with hands a bit too shaky for me to have complete confidence. But since all I wanted was a quick trim (and Violet didn't hold her head still enough to get a straight cut anyway) I guess it doesn't matter. Now that she has the first experience under her belt, I can always take her back later for a more official cut and style.

Afterwards Violet was rather pleased with herself and wanted everyone to see her new 'do. And she was super excited to find a gigantic Christmas tree nearby. And yes, this is how my pretty princess insisted on going out to run our day full of errands. At least I was able to explain to her that princesses don't put their hands down their pants and tell everyone in Walmart about their "booty". We'll see if it works.

The princess has arrived.

I got a haircut! And a lollipop!

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