Check Up

Violet had two important doctor's visits this week. We headed to a children's orthopedist to get that pesky collarbone checked out. After another round of x-rays, it turns out that Violet will be just fine (no surprise here). Even though to my inexpert eyes her bones do not look nearly healed enough for the level of exuberant activity she has been exhibiting for the last couple weeks, the doctor didn't seem worried in the slightest. I think we are finally ready to put the entire Fall Heard Round the Mexican Restaurant incident behind us now. Thankfully.

For the other appointment, Violet got her eyes checked. If you remember, she failed the pediatrician's eye screening when she was 18 months old, earning us a one-way ticket to the optometrist. The diagnosis at the time - she'll need glasses. Eventually.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I took her back this week for another check. Now, don't get me wrong. I wear contacts. Matt wears glasses. Many of our family members have corrected vision. So I'm not surprised if glasses are in the cards for Violet. Eventually. I just really really don't want her to need them now. Because I don't know how on earth I'll convince her to keep them on her face.

Fortunately, the appointment went well. She will still be nearsighted and need glasses, but the doctor thinks we're at least a year away from that. Hey, I'll take another year. And speaking of the doctor, this woman is amazing. Every time I go to this place, I get so annoyed. Their appointments run chronically behind. The staff is meh. It takes forever to see anyone and then half the time I feel like I'm getting hustled to buy a particular brand of lenses or whatever. I'd quit the place in a second except for two important factors. I'm too lazy to find somewhere new (and they're so conveniently located), and Violet's pediatric optometrist is a wonder. How she can get the exam done and information she needs from a wiggling two-year-old is beyond me.

For this exam, she had Violet look at a series of cards with little graphic black and white images on them. After asking Violet what they all were, she held them at different distances and quizzed her on what she saw. My girl passed with flying colors, except for one card. The picture on it was of an old-school telephone. You know, the kind with a receiver and cord and buttons to push. Yeah, Violet had no clue what it was, and didn't seem convinced when I told her it was a phone. "You can't watch videos on it..." was her puzzled reply. Because that's what phones are for, duh. Anyway, it was nice to get both these appointments taken care of with such pleasing results. We are blessed.


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