Getting Things Done

So we got to cross some items off our to-do list this weekend.

First up, buying a new washing machine. Sadly, ours pretty much gave out on us last weekend, just hours before Violet decided to throw up all over herself and Matt. So we bit the bullet and had it replaced. Merry Christmas to us, right? It will be delivered tomorrow, hallelujah. I got desperate the day for some clean clothes for Violet, so I did coax one more load out of our old machine, but the spin cycle doesn't work, so before I could put the clothes in the dryer I had to play old-school washer woman and wring a bucketful of water from everything. Ah, modern machinery, how you have improved our lives! (Things still on the to-do list - fixing the broken windowpane in our bedroom (thanks golfers) and replacing our toaster oven - things are falling apart around here left and right!)

And this happened:

If you diagnosed a sinus infection/ear infection, you'd be right.

Yes, I'm under the weather. For the past week I've felt a growing pressure in my ears, but my busy life and Matt traveling this past week kept me from seeing the doctor. (I did have my school nurse take a look in my ears.) Finally Saturday night I couldn't stand it anymore. As soon as Violet was down for the night, I hightailed it to urgent care and got myself a little pharmacy. Yesterday was pretty rough, waking up feeling like there was a freight train trying to push itself out of my face. But I'm hoping it's uphill from here.

Finally, we got our family pictures taken! We were scheduled to have them done two weeks ago, but Violet decided to break her collarbone instead. So I'm glad we were able to reschedule. The weather cooperated, my meds kicked in just in time, and we will hopefully come away with a few good shots.

Sneak peek.
All in all, not a terrible weekend. I didn't feel awesome, but we got a lot of good stuff done, and Violet was her happy self. Plus, after Matt being gone for three days last week, it was nice just to hang out as our little family.

Now one more week of school and it's Thanksgiving break! I can do it!


  1. That is a beautiful pic of Violet! Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

  2. Violet looks like a porcelain doll!! :-)


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