Happy Halloween!

It's Dorothy!
Well, we conquered another Halloween. My little Dorothy was so excited about the holiday this year. Last year she was up for it, just going with the flow, cool with the candy that came her way. But this year she's been talking about it all month. The Word World Halloween episode has been played approximately 834 times. "I want to go to Halloween!" has been the refrain that has echoed in these halls. I'm not sure exactly where she thought Halloween was, but she was all game to put on her costume last night and get the party started.

The only part of this costume I had to pay for. Worth it.
The one-armed bandit.

Our neighborhood Halloween crew.
It was pretty darn cold last night, so when we finally set out, we made sure Violet was as bundled up as she could be. It's been tough finding a coat that will fit over her arm, but we made do. Of course, that meant Violet ended up looking like she was seriously missing her arm, the empty sleeve flapping in the wind as she raced from door to door. I was joking with Matt that we'd end up on the neighborhood gossip message board, everyone wondering who the one-armed girl was.

To the credit of our neighbors, only one person asked at all. Most of them just commented on how cute Violet was. The only guy who brought it up had broken his collarbone three times, so I guess he knew how to spot the damage.

I want to go to Halloween!

Violet came away with a nice little bucketful of candy. It's been difficult convincing her to share her loot with her parents, but what happens when she falls asleep won't hurt her. When she woke up this morning, she announced she wanted to go to Halloween again today, so I let her eat another piece of candy to get her through the sorrow of learning that the holiday comes but once a year.

And on that note, I cannot believe it's already November! Where has this year gone? How are the holidays already upon us?

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  1. How awful would that have been if she tripped and fell and couldn't catch herself on the ground? :-( She looks SO happy... like pure happiness!!!


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