Look at the Camera

We finally had our family photos taken, rescheduled post collarbone break. The good news is, we got a few decent shots to put on the Christmas card this year. The bad news is... the magic of looking at the camera and saying "cheese!" seems to have worn off for Violet. She was just not into it this year. Her smile was so forced it became a grimace and her eyes could not find the camera for all the lollipops in the world. So most of our pictures feature two happy smiling parents and one kiddo cutting her eyes off to the side. Still, it's nice to have the moments preserved. And it's really nice to have the Christmas card done!

Do you still send Christmas cards? Is it going out of style? Last year I received fewer cards than the year before, and I'm hoping it's not a trend. (The US Post Office is also hoping it's not a trend, I'd imagine!) I, for one, think it's a lovely tradition and can't wait to see who shows up in the mail this holiday season.

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