Random Vacation Photo Dump

The face that greeted me each morning, mere inches from my own, since Violet got the "special treat" of sleeping in my bed each night.

Yes, we are mere blocks from the beach, but Noodle here preferred to stay inside and watch the ocean through the eyes of Nemo. I can now quote this entire movie with my eyes closed.

Chillin' by the pool.

Goggle test run.

The annual vacation putt-putt experience. Violet's version involved placing the ball an inch from the hole, watching it roll itself in, then applauding herself. Nothing wrong with this girl's self esteem.

Possibly my favorite moment of the trip. My solution to a whiny trio of kids was to give them each a beach towel, plop them down and command them to take turns telling each other stories. To my complete astonishment, it worked. Bring it, Super Nanny!

Violet with Super Sitter. Love.

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  1. Looks like fun! Lol re: snacks ;) when are y'all coming to visit us in the ATH?!


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