Earning It

Remember last week when I wrote about keeping score? Yeah... should have kept my mouth shut. It's like Violet knew Father's Day was coming, knew I wanted it to be a special day, and decided to make us earn it by making Saturday a complete disaster.

Here's just a brief glimpse of what we endured:

Violet: I want a popsicle.
Me: No, you didn't take a nap today, so no popsicle.
Violet: Pooooooooooooopsicle!!!!!!!
Matt: Violet, we already told you...
Violet: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Giant tears, throws self to floor in a dramatic display I used to swear they only did in movies. Finally, after realizing we're not impressed...)

Violet, tearstained, hiccuping, snotty faced: I want juice.
Me: You already had juice today. How about some water?

And.... repeat.

Finally Matt, my sainted husband, loaded Violet into the stroller, put on his headphones, and took Violet on a long walk while I tried to get the ringing in my ears to stop. Things were much better when they finally returned. So we rewarded ourselves with one of our favorite pre-kid pastimes - Mexican food and margaritas on a patio in beautiful weather.

Yes, she ate the rice off the bottom of her shoe.
My beautiful mess.
I earned this drink. And I'm loving this view.
And after all that drama... Sunday was lovely! Matt and his dad went golfing (my dad was out of town) while us ladies took Violet to the pool, then steaks were grilled and consumed, ice cream was procured and someone else handled bath and bed time. Come to think of it, it was a bit of a Mother's Day for me...

Happy Father's Day!
Happy family, all smiles.

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