Dog Days of Summer

We've been dog sitting while the neighbors are away. Violet loves these dogs. They were rescued after being abandoned in a church parking lot and they are so sweet. In my opinion, they are the perfect size, not itty bitty annoying, but not too big scary. They don't jump up (much), don't bark (except when Matt leaves the house) and although they've managed to wake Violet up before 7 a.m. almost every morning that they've been here, we still like them. Matt has been making puppy eyes about getting pooch of our own, but in my opinion, this is the perfect scenario - we have two adorable dogs... who live next door! (It's like being a grandparent - love 'em, spoil 'em, send 'em home!)

An unintended side effect of keeping the pups has been all the accessories they come with, including this lovely crate, which Violet promptly upcycled into a playhouse for herself.

I swear she crawled in by herself.


And then brought some toys to keep herself company.

Silly girl!

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