The definition of relaxing: Aunt Stephanie's patio.
So late last week the three of us hopped in the car and made the long drive to Ohio to visit some of Matt's family. It's always fun to visit a place where there are so many old memories - Matt was full of anticdotes from his elementary school days when he lived in Ohio.

The drive up was... tolerable. Violet watched approximately 87 hours of dvds on the two day drive up north. But it was worth it when we finally arrived at Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Steve's house. Their home is truly a tranquil escape - a beautiful home, warm swimming pool, cool breezes blowing through the windows, perfect patio with lovely views. Violet warmed up to our hosts right away; the fact that they have a sweet dog just sealed the deal. And I should really call Aunt Stephanie "Grandma 2"... she spoiled Violet just like my mother-in-law does!

Violet and her vacation buddy Marley. Does this mean we have to get a dog?

Uncle Steve shows Violet how it's done.

Our driving reason behind this Ohio trip was to visit Matt's grandmother. She lives in a sweet little nursing home that serves up all-you-can-eat ice cream as a treat to visiting great-grandkids. You can believe Violet took full advantage of that perk!

Ice cream at Great-Grandma's "house" - look at that concentration.

Great-Grandma and cool girl Violet.

Aw. (Did you know that Violet's middle name - Elizabeth - is courtesy of this lovely lady?)

Visiting with Grandma in what has to be the least child-proof room ever.
A few other scenes from the trip:

This adorable establishment has been serving up ice cream and candy since Matt's parents were little, and I don't think it's changed a lick in the years since (see what I did there?). The staff behind the candy counter wear bow ties! Adorable!
Oh instagram, you make me feel like a professional photographer!

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