Surfs Up!

For the second part of our vacation, we drove to Crescent Beach, where we had all rented little vacation trailers just minutes from the surf and sand. Matt showed up right as we were headed to the beach, so we all got to experience Violet's first reaction to the ocean. I think she liked it! (Cue massive relief. I couldn't handle another water park day!)

Violet especially loved being bounced over the waves and kept asking for more. She only sampled the sand a couple times (had to see what it tasted like) and got a kick about of trampling the sand castles we built for her. I had heard stories of babies who freaked out at the beach for the first time and refused to set foot on sand, but everyone agreed that Violet rocked her first introduction.

Family shot!

"...the deep blue sea, just you and me..."

Tuckered out.
The next day at the beach wasn't quite as peachy... Saturday marked exactly ten days from Violet's MMR shot, the day our pediatrician told us to expect the fussiness to set in. And it did. But we enjoyed what we could.

Starting the beach trip off with a snooze in the napping tent.

Trying her hand at the shovel. Note the base camp Dee Dee and Papa set up for us in the background. This family knows how to beach it in style! They were the best hosts!

After the beach, this little family headed back to the house to prepare dinner for everyone (we each took a night - ours was spaghetti in case you were wondering - American style, sans meatballs). Violet got some more medicine and perked up considerably. Then before you know it, it was time to pack up and head home!

No real point to this picture, I just thought the dress was cute. And from Costco, of all places!

Ending the trip off right - eating ice cream on A's lap. Violet got tired of the spoon and just went in for the grab. Girl after my own heart.
The drive home was much more manageable than the trip there. Violet knew what to expect with the car ride, got plenty of snacks, and only threw her paci on the floor and wailed in a blatant attempt to get me to turn around, oh, 846 times. Everyone arrived home safe and sound and still friends with each other, which is what I call a success. Can't wait until next year!

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